Starship Troopers 2: A reader at Dark Horizons has reported on the proposed plot for the sequel to Paul Verhoeven's sci-fi classic,Star Troopers:

"The film involves a bunch of troopers in a fort staving off raids from the bugs while waiting to be rescued. The cast will be made up of largely unknowns and will not feature any characters from the previous film. What the film will feature is a lot of action and a very surprising human drama. The reason for this is that the bugs have a parasitic infection in their arsenal, and troopers who become infected start to loose control and decay from the inside. A symptom of the infection is a hand deformity so as a result, those who are infected attempt to hide this fact and will cause the soldiers to turn on themselves as they are unsure of whom they can trust. The film will mix elements of "The Thing", "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" "The Hidden", and "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan" with classic Trooper Combat".

Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl:Orlando Bloom Multimedia got a hold of some great screen caps from the Access Hollywood clip which aired a few night ago. CLICK HERE

Sinbad: legend Of The Seven Seas: Thanks to Dark Horizons, we've got official word from Hasbro on the proposed Dreamworks animated movie:

"Eris, the terrifying goddess of Chaos, has stolen the Book of Peace and framed Sinbad for the crime! To prove his innocence, Sinbad journeys to the realm beyond the world to steal back the book. Eris tries to stop him by sending horrific beasts to attack him. One of the monsters she call down from the sky is Scorpius, an enormous scorpion with crushing claws; another is Serpens, a huge, slithering serpent from the sky; and a third one is the chilling Roc, a 40-foot tall bird of prey that is made entirely of ice and snow. Will Sinbad defeat all the monsters and reclaim the Book of Peace from the powerful goddess?"

Looney Toons: Back In Action: We've got new stills from the upcoming animated adventure starring Brendan Fraser, Jenna Elfman, Joan Cusack, Heather Locklear, and Steve Martin! CLICK HERE

Cat Woman:Comic Book Movies is reporting that Owen Wilson has scored a role in the upcoming Batman spin-off:

"Owen Wilson has signed on to play a new character called Tom Lone. Detective Tom Lone, is the point man in the police's Catwoman investigation. Lone doesn't realize, however, that his prey also happens to be his mousy next door neighbor and prospective girlfriend, Patience Price aka Catwoman."

Danny The Dog: Some new on set photos are up at The Z Review. CLICK HERE

In addition, Li talked to TV Guide recently about his upcoming role in the film:

"I've always played the tough guy or the good guy," Li tells TV Guide Online. "And I save the families, the cities, the countries, save everybody. But right now, I'm working in Paris with Morgan Freeman and [director] Luc Besson on a film called Danny the Dog, and this is the first film in which [someone] saves me.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}"It's a very unique story," he continues. "My character mentally is only 10- or 12-years-old, but physically, he's very strong. Freeman plays a piano tuner who, through music, [helps me] to become human. It's a very warm story, not a typical action film."

Peter Pan:Ain't Cool has scored 2 shots from PJ Hogan's Peter Pan. CLICK HERE

In addition, AICN has gotten the first image of what 'Pan' looks like, thank to them, we can post the image. CLICK HERE

Head Of State:Empire Movies has new photos up of the Chris Rock comedy. CLICK HERE

Dysfunctional Family: We've got a new poster for Eddie Griffith's upcoming comedy. CLICK HERE

The Hulk: The official website for The Hulk has been updated with some new pics. We've got them up in our Hulk image gallery! CLICK HERE

Seabiscuit:The Z Review has gotten some great behind-the-scenes photos from Tobey Macguire's next, Seabiscuit. CLICK HERE

The Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King: Hugo Weaving recently sat down with Sci-Fi Wire to discuss his involvement, if any, in the third and final chapter of The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King:

"Elrond's not really a major character on the screen," Weaving said in an interview. "He sort of embodies certain elements of Middle-earth, and he's the character who understands the prehistory. He kind of brings with him the great weight of years. [He is] like 3,500 years old, ... so he's kind of been around."

Weaving added, "He needs to be there because of Arwen and Aragorn and their love story. And he needs to be there to express the fact that the elves are leaving as a people and that human beings are going to have to take over Middle-earth. So I guess he's telling an important part of the story, and he's stressing an important part of that world."

Helldorado:Access Hollywood recently spoke with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson about his upcoming role in Helldorado:

"There is no love scene in the movie," revealed The Rock. "Oh, you just disappointed your audience," joked Nancy.

Actually, The Rock knows his audience pretty well. He performs most of the difficult stunts in the film himself.

"I would probably say I did a good 95 percent of the stunts," revealed Dwayne. "The audience -- they pay their hard earned dollar. It's important that they see me in the stunts. They're very savvy and they understand camera angles and editing and things like that. So if I give 110 percent, I think that means something at the end of the day. When they go watch the movie they appreciate that."

The Haunted Mansion & Child's Play 5: Jennifer Tilly recently spilled her guts on her hopeful, and upcoming roles in a 5th Child's Play as well as Disney's Haunted Mansion:

"(Bride Of Chucky) That's one of my favorite parts I ever did, and people love that movie," Tilly tells TV Guide Online. "We're still trying to make Bride of Chucky 2. I have a sequel deal in place and a script is written, so we're trying to get a green light on it."

While waiting to make that fifth Child's Play movie — rumored to be about Chucky and Tiffany's freaky baby — Tilly's keeping busy. She's a hooker in Dirt (in limited release April 25). Then, she gets more kid-friendly for Disney's The Haunted Mansion (due out Nov. 26). "It's based on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland," she enthuses. "When you go into the ride, there's a gypsy fortune teller's head in a crystal ball, saying, 'Go back, Go back!' You know, Madame Liotta. That's gonna be me!

"I'm Eddie Murphy's sidekick in the movie," she previews. "He carries my head around, and I get bossy with him. I have lots of hair, I'm a smart ass, and I'm very cryptic. I know all, I see all... If the movie's really successful, Disney's gonna revamp the ride and I'll be the head in the ball at the beginning of it! They're gonna totally update it. So that's why I wanted to do this movie — I want to be a bigshot at Disneyland. I'm hoping I'll become another American icon."

Coming Attractions makes a move: After 8 years of dishing out scoops on the latest films and flicks of Hollywood, Coming Attractions (Corona Productions) has made the move from being independent to merging with the financially stable Cinescape. This could be seen as a smart move on both ends. Patrick Sauriol, head honcho at Corona, is now probably being paid well for his efforts, and if anyone deserves it, he does. This is also a good move on Cinescape's end as well as they have rid themselves of some competition, gained a huge (and probably much needed) readership, as well as acquired one of the best writer's in the biz.

In my 3 years of running Lights Out I have come across many individuals in the business, and while others tend to keep their noses higher in the air then others, I can say that my experience with Patrick and Coming Attractions was most professional, and helpful. Good luck Patrick and congrats to Cinescape!

Stay tuned...~Brian