On January 6th Quentin Tarantino presents Eli Roth's (Cabin Fever) latest horror film, Hostel, starring Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjonsson and Barbara Nedeljakova.

Today, we've got your first look at the new German poster for the film as well as a German trailer. CLICK HERE for a look at both.

Hostel tells the story of two adventurous American college buddies Paxton and Josh who backpack through Europe eager to make quintessentially hazy travel memories with new friend Oli, an Icelander they've met along the way.

Paxton and Josh are eventually lured by a fellow traveler to what's described as a nirvana for American backpackers – a particular hostel in an out-of-the-way Slovakian town stocked with Eastern European women as desperate as they are gorgeous. The two friends arrive and soon easily pair off with exotic beauties Natalya and Svetlana. In fact, too easily...

Initially distracted by the good time they're having, the two Americans quickly find themselves trapped in an increasingly sinister situation that they will discover is as wide and as deep as the darkest, sickest recess of human nature itself – if they survive.