As the anticipation grows for this holiday's season biggest film, MovieWeb is serving up all you need to satisfy that hunger for the big ape, known as King Kong, until you are sitting comfortable in your theater seat this Wednesday waiting for Peter Jackson's epic tale to entertain you. As part of our coverage MovieWeb is now showcasing text-based interviews with the cast and crew as well as video clips of the same, film clips from the movie, movie stills, poster art, a contest and much more! Click below to dive right in...

Naomi Watts Talks Kong Kong!

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Andy Serkis Is King Kong

Secrets of Peter Jackson's Productrion Diaries DVDs

INTERVIEW: Director Peter Jackson Speaks

INTERVIEW: Actor Jack Black Speaks

VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Jack Black, Naomi Watts & Adrian Brody

Enter Our KING KONG Contest!

Go Behind-the-Scenes of KING KONG!

Read B. Alan Orange's Rant on the Big Gorilla

New York Premiere Photos

KING KONG: The Video Game!

KING KONG: Movie Stills, Poster Art, Film Clips & More!

Stay tuned for more interviews coming this week with Andy Serkis, Adrien Brody and Naomi Watts!