Tons of new stuff here just in time for the weekend & according to my calendar, Australia Day. Whatever that means. Check this stuff out!

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First off, Eleven Thirty-Four (my old band) has a brand new video! Well, sort of. I made this video back in 1996 on old analog equipment. Over the years the video lost it's sound. Here I've restored the video for everyone to see! It's not the best thing in the world, but it's great nostalgia! Watch 1134 crush through the live shows of the mid 90's with the intense power you've grown to love!

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Evan Jacobs has done it again! He has officially become Lights Out's official Employee of the month! For the past 2 weeks now Evan has been covering Michael Mann's new "ALI" movie as a paid extra. Evan wrote up his report and gave it to me 2 days ago, BUT today he went back for another shoot ! He described the scene to me, and all I really remember is that he is 1 of 11 people which includes Will Smith & John Voight. That report is coming soon, but for now... read what happened the last 2 weeks!

The news has been coming so fast lately that you may have missed some things! That's OK! I've made it easy for you! Just look to the right and find what's hot here at Lights Out! Make sure to check on Lights Out Talk from time to don't want to miss out on any crucial conversations in there. Also, be sure to take a look at the FILMS section. There are a ton of great movies coming to theaters and we've got the trailers! This section has also been updated with the latest from us as well. If you haven't seen the Truck 5 trailer, now is the time because it is back up! Oh yeah! I got caught up in the whole domain name hype the past week thanks to Portal Of Evil! Thanks guys. They had so many classic domains like &, I wanted to get in on my own action. I think I got too serious about it though. Well, you all might as well know that & are now also known as Lights Out Your Number One Source for Truly Independent Media! If you think of any good ones let me know! The Spiderman report is coming! I promise! I'm tired. It's late. I can't feel my face. See you next week chumps.


Brian B.