A man singing in an oyster costume is YouTube's most viral video of 2017. The non-US video hit No. 1 on the chart, destroying its competition. It's important to note that YouTube is talking about the most viral videos, aka, shared, not by views. The Luis Fonsi song, "Despacito" featuring Daddy Yankee has that honor with over 4 billion views, 24 million likes and 2 million dislikes. However, when it comes to the most viral YouTube videos, The Google-owned site says the top 10 trending videos were watched more than 633 million times, collectively for a combined total of 40 million hours.

The number one honor goes to a clip from a Thai singing competition, showing a man dressed in a full-body oyster suit crooning and rapping a song with a title that loosely translates to "Love you until the world turns into dust." The video only has over 182 million views, but YouTube tracked how viral the video was by tracking views, shares, likes, comments, and dislikes to figure out the most viral video. The oyster man is pretty disturbing and if you haven't seen it, don't check it out below because it will more than likely cause nightmares.

Pop music superstar Ed Sheeran shows up twice in the countdown, but holds second place for a video detailing dance choreography to his song "The Shape of You" by Kyle Hanagami. That particular video has 119 million views. At number three is some dude doing crazy ping pong tricks via a Rube Goldberg machine that looks like a poor man's version of an OK Go music video. Next up at number four is 12-year old Darci Lynne getting the Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent while doing a singing ventriloquist act, which has 42 million views.

Ed Sheeran pops back up at number 5 for his Carpool Karaoke video with 40 million views followed by Lady Gaga's explosive Halftime Show during the Super Bowl with 37 million views. The world famous Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump's Inauguration gets the number 7 spot with 35 million views. One would've thought that video would have been a lot higher on the list because that video was inescapable when it was released, but it apparently can't compete with oyster man. Number 8 is A History of the World, I Guess following close behind the Trump bad lip reading and then at number nine is the animated short movie In a Heartbeat with 32 million shares and finally at number 10 is children interrupting a BBC News broadcaster.

Overall, one would've thought that all of these videos were more viral than the singing oyster man, but that is definitely not the case, since oyster man smoked his competition. It's not sure how he did on the Thai TV show that looked like The Voice, but since the video got shared so many times, he probably did quite well or went down in flames. You can check out all of the top ten most viral videos from YouTube below, starting with the beloved, terrifying oyster man below, courtesy of WorkpointOfficial's YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick