There are some revelations that just refuse to lie down, so to speak, and when Harley Quinn showrunners revealed that they had been forced to remove a certain sex scene between Batman and Catwoman in the upcoming season of the DC animated series due to objections from DC Entertainment, there was no chance of the information simply being allowed to slide. While Harley Quinn's own Kaley Cuoco, and former Batman Val Kilmer have had a little fun jibe at the intimate thing "heroes don't do" according to the publisher, Justice League's Zack Snyder has delivered a completely Not Safe For Work reaction that just delivered so much with so few words.

While other comments have been more subtle in their approach to the news, like Kilmer's post featuring a scene from Batman Forever to which he commented, "Does he or doesn't he?", Snyder went straight for the jugular, well, maybe a little further south, by posting an image that certainly didn't come from one of DC's comics, depicting the Bat and the Cat on a rooftop, fully costumed up, doing that thing that "heroes don't do." Snyder added a one word comment to the picture that simply said, "Canon."

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The post instantly gained hundreds of thousands of likes and over 50k retweets, as fans jumped on the director's cheeky jab at the recent story. With Snyder being more of less dumped by Warner Bros. after completing his four hour cut of the Justice League, I don't think he will be too worried about their reaction. Fans however were quick to show their support for Synder's "vision" of what could be.

"Zack you legend, you maniac, you absolute masterclass," wrote one user. Another added "Zack Snyder posting very graphic and well painted art just sold me on his cut of the justice league." A third said "and that's why you're the GOAT."

If there was ever a way to draw attention to something, then it seems like one again Snyder has proven that he knows exactly how to get people talking. With some still believing that he will be allowed to continue on with his Snyderverse vision for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman et al, posts like this would suggest that he may have put that idea well and truly behind him.

The original story seemed like it would slip under the radar after a couple of days, even with stars of the Batman universe posting their thoughts on the matter, but Snyder's post has probably just made sure that DC and Warner Bros. haven't heard the last of this "controversy" just yet now that the infamous image, which is certainly as close to the depiction DC specifically banned from the Harley Quinn series as we were ever meant to see, has been put out there in such public fashion. While official images can be contained easily, DC perhaps underestimate just how far some talented fan artists will go to make these things a reality. I'm sure they just didn't expect that it would be Snyder who would be the one to pull the pin first.