Zack Snyder's Justice League is officially coming to HBO Max next year, promising to right the wrongs of the 2017 theatrical cut of Justice League, and bringing the filmmaker's arc within the DCEU that started with Man of Steel to a fitting conclusion. In an interview with Beyond the Trailer, Snyder revealed how his upcoming film will firmly place Superman at the pinnacle of the franchise's roster of heroes:

"I love the idea of Superman going on a journey with his character. I love the idea of Superman having to reconcile his morality, reconcile his place on Earth, reconcile love affair with Lois and how that affects the way he relates to humanity and all those things as we all do with the normal relationships we all have in our daily lives. So I think that when you see Superman grapple with those things, he becomes a lot more relatable. When I see Superman having to figure out what to do, I now can go like, 'Wow, if I was Superman...' Superman is such an abstract character, in his powers and what he's able to do. Anytime you can bring him back down to Earth, he becomes a lot more relatable, and for that he's more interesting. A huge respect for his moral code, and I think his ultimate place as the top of the pyramid of the DC superhero world. In the end he has to achieve that pinnacle."
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One of the biggest criticisms of what is now being dubbed the DCEU's Snyderverse was portraying a Superman who is far from the cheerful and confident hero immortalized by Christopher Reeve in the original live-action Superman films. Starting with Man of Steel, the character of Superman went from being a loner to a misunderstood outsider, to a martyr who gave up his life to stop Doomsday. With Zack Snyder's Justice League, the filmmaker aims to bring the character back from the dead, a better and more classically heroic version of his past self:

"I always felt like that was what I was doing. Now with the resurrection sort of theme, who is he now? When you touch the eternal, in the sense that coming back from the grave. How are we changed by that?"

The original plans for Snyder's take on Justice League were as a three-part series that would see Superman resurrected, before getting enslaved by the main villain Darkseid, leading to the other heroes banding together to rescue him, and the Man of Steel finally taking his place as the leader of the Justice League and Earth's greatest champion. Now that the to-be-released 'Snyder cut' is being truncated into a single movie, it will be interesting to see how the character's story arc is resolved over a shorter time period.

Zack Snyder's Justice League stars Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as The Flash, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Ciarán Hinds as Steppenwolf, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon.