Fans weren't the only people who were disappointed Zack Snyder's vision for the DCEU. A new report suggests that DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson and others within DC didn't agree with what Zack Snyder was putting up on the big screen. Last month, Vulture published a large piece about the future of the DCEU, which contained interviews with Geoff Johns and Nelson that mostly talked about some changes that were made behind-the-scenes as well as an idea for a grander for version of the DCEU that differed from Zack Snyder's original vision.

The writer behind the Vulture article, Abraham Riesman, was recently on the Batman on Film podcast where he revealed a new quote from DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson that did not make it into the final article. The new quote from Nelson suggests that Zack Snyder's version of the DCEU didn't quite match with what DC initially had in mind, which has been heavily rumored for over a year now. Diane Nelson also said that DC backs up and trusts their directors as a part of their overall philosophy. Abraham Riesman had this to say about Nelson's quote.

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"That was actually a quote that didn't show up in the finished piece, but that Diane [Nelson] gave me. It was to the effect of 'we are a director-driven place and Zack had a vision that didn't necessarily sync up with what our vision of these characters is, but we respect that he wanted to go for that and that's part of our philosophy'."

In that same Vulture article, a source said that Geoff Johns raised concern that there wasn't enough lightness or humor in Man of Steel, but his opinion was reportedly brushed off. Fast forward to 2017 and Johns is now the co-head of the DC Movie Universe, where his opinion carries a lot more weight. As with most things that happen in the DCEU, the future really isn't clear at this time, but projects are announced and thrown around almost weekly, leaving many confused, including the actors in the movies.

The most controversial thing about Zack Snyder's two entries thus far in the DCEU has been his dark handling of comic icons like Superman and Batman, with his movies showcasing attempts at deconstructing the modern myths that many feel missed the mark at what made them so beloved in the first place. It's refreshing to see that it wasn't just fans who had reservations about how the characters had been handled. Ben Affleck recently spoke about what director Joss Whedon brought to the table for Justice League after Snyder stepped down from the project. Affleck states that Whedon took some of his experience from working on the Avengers movies for the MCU with him and developed the characters in a way that has yet to be seen for the DCEU, aside from Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman.

UPDATE 10/15/17 @ 3:42PM PST: Abraham Riesman took to Twitter to make sure his comments about DC's feelings toward Zack Snyder weren't taken for more than what he intended. Riesman specifies there was no "harsh schism," and Nelson and others were "never disrespectful of Zack Snyder." As we mentioned, DC movies are intended to be director-driven and Warner Bros.' methodology is to "always believe talent has the talent to bring their perspective to what they're creating with us." Where Zack Snyder and Diane Nelson "didn't necessarily sync up" is only related to DC Rebirth being a different take on the DC mythology than what Zack Snyder was doing with his films.

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