Zack Snyder (300, Dawn Of The Dead) is in talks to direct Warner Bros. big screen adaptation of The Watchmen, according to Ain't It Cool News.

I've been able to confirm now that Snyder has entered negotiations with Warner Bros. to helm the project, which is fantastic news. I know that all you guys have seen so far is DAWN OF THE DEAD, so that's all you can judge him on, but trust me... 300 is a whole different ball game. When you get a load of what this guy is capable of... when you see how far he pushes things with bringing Frank Miller's world to life... you'll be just as excited as I am. I've always said that WATCHMEN had the right producers and writer attached, and I think there have been some interesting directors (Aronofsky and Greengrass) attached to it in the last few years. But with Snyder, I think the WATCHMEN may have finally found the perfect guy for the job, and I am absolutely rabid to see what he's going to do.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}And speaking of that script... I've heard there are some revisions underway to really fine-tune the various Hayter drafts and make sure that what ends up onscreen is the most perfect realization of Moore's book possible. I'm hoping I can work something out where I can track down the new writer and talk with him about the work he's doing, because I know how important this book is to so many of you. Zack Snyder said the same thing about it to me, talking about the responsibility of bringing something like WATCHMEN to life. "If I screw up 300, that would be heartbreaking, but ultimately, it's not as well known a property. If you get WATCHMEN wrong... well..."