It is making a killing in theaters but 300 director Zack Snyder is already looking forward to the film's DVD.

In a story from Home Media Magazine, Snyder talks about a particular sequence that didn't make it into the film but will most certainly find itself on the eventual DVD release.

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"It's these giants with these midget archers on their backs," Snyder states. "They just got so outrageous that when I looked at it I thought, 'This is from another movie.' It was crazy."

"It's like 90%, but it's pretty cool," he says of the sequence that is incomplete but will give people an idea of what he was going for. "The [giants] have no arms. Their arms have been hacked off. They have these little sort of elf looking guys in these kind of wicker baskets on their backs. They're firing arrows and then the Spartan comes and hacks the leg off it. It falls and they leap off and stab the little elf."

In addition to this, to further show how faithful he was to graphic novelist Frank Miller's work (300 is based on his book of the same name), Snyder wants the DVD "to include an interactive feature that gives credit to Miller's art as the movie plays."

"You would actually see the Frank frame [within the movie screen]," he says. "Whenever it's the same as the movie, you would see that frame in the corner, and you could click on that."