Zack Snyder took time out of his day to throw shade at Henry Cavil's CGI mustache removal in Justice League, along with fans on social media. Snyder has kept a low profile in recent months while everything at Warner Bros. and DC Films has been quite heated since the release of Justice League back in November. There's been some behind-the-scenes personnel changes that are expected to set up a new DC Films banner, while taking on the rest of the projects within the DCEU. One of those projects, Batgirl, just lost director and writer Joss Whedon, and Zack Snyder took to social media to like a post insinuating that it was a good thing Whedon was leaving the project.

Zack Snyder's social media platform of choice is Vero. During the production and his subsequent leaving of Justice League, the director shared behind-the-scenes images as well as some cryptic ones on Vero that have a lot of fans speculating that he was actually fired from the project. Snyder interacts with fans pretty frequently and in a new post, he put up a picture of himself with a scruffy beard, suggesting that it's time to shave, which almost seems like he was anticipating somebody to bring up the infamous CGI mustache removal. And sure enough, a fan chimed in by saying, "you could just remove via CGI." Snyder replied by saying, "we all know that doesn't work."

The CGI Superman shave burn is probably the most negative thing about Justice League that Zack Snyder has shared in his own words. He's sat back, liking posts that suggest he was fired, and for fans petitioning the release of his Snyder cut . During the reshoots for the movie, Henry Cavil was working on Mission: Impossible 6, for which he had to grow a mustache. Under contract from Paramount, he was not able to shave off the facial hair, which led to Warner Bros. using quite possibly the worst CGI removal job of any big movie in history. Fans have even been able to do a better job in a few short hours, for free, utilizing the DeepFake app.

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In other Zack Snyder related news, he recently took to social media to confirm a fan theory about Superman in Justice League and its direct ties to Man of Steel. One of the deleted scenes of Justice League features Superman walking through the Kryptonian ship and looking at his black suit. Snyder confirmed that Superman was aware of his rebirth and that the scene in question reveals that he has essentially been born twice, once on Earth and once on Krypton. Superman wanted to "stand proud with the human race," so he chose to go with his classic suit after being aware of his rebirth.

Zack Snyder's mythical cut of Justice League more than likely does not even really exist in any type of releasable format and it seems that fans have started to quietly realize that their best look at what could have been is through the original concept art. It is possible that one day Snyder could release his version of the story, but that might not be for quite some time. For now, we can sit back and watch him poke fun at the movie and the aftermath of the botched CGI mustache. You can check out the Vero post below, courtesy of Gerda's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick