Zak Penn says that The Avengers is a project that Marvel wants to see happen, but that they don't want to see rush, unlike the mess that DC Comics/Warner Bros. have run into with Justice League of America. At a press conference for The Grand, Penn told our friends at a bit about the future of an Avengers film.

"The Avengers is a project in the future," says Penn, "That's the best way to put it until Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk come out. I haven't talked to Marvel about it in awhile because I think that the best way to do it is to put together a movie that uses all the characters and so they probably want to see how the movies do and figure that out first."

Penn was unwilling to offer any further details about this project (or any others that he was involved with). Still, it sounds promising that both Penn and Jon Favreau (who has been discussed as a director for The Avengers seem to be on the same page for the project.

It's good to see that Marvel is willing to take the time to ensure that when The Avengers hits the screen, fans won't be disappointed with a rushed project.