ComicMix recently spoke with writer-director Zak Penn about his new improv poker comedy The Grand as well as his writing duties on The Incredible Hulk. At the end of the interview, Penn talked about two new projects, one of which is writing and directing an X-Men spin-off film.

"It's like a young X-Men. It's a pretty cool idea, actually. I can't sell you the whole idea, but it involves a younger group of X-Men at the beginning." He also added that the film will be "getting back to the classic X-Men."

Penn also talked about a summer tentpole movie he's developing entitled Bermuda Triangle, a sci-fi film that will deal with that mysterious region.

"It is about the Bermuda Triangle and about all those kinds of mysteries, but he has a really cool take on it and it's like a big summer event movie."

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The Grand is currently playing in Los Angeles and New York with an expansion to come later this month and The Incredible Hulk opens on June 13.