Alexandra Daddario as Zatanna? That's our pick this morning as news heats up about a live-action movie moving forward at Warner Bros. featuring the DC Comics character. Sure, Alexandra Daddario hasn't been mentioned at all in any way, shape, or form aside from a few fan castings. But looking at the various comic book images on the Internet this morning as this news starts to spread, it's easy to imagine the Baywatch actress taking the lead.

We'd heard before that J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot crew were considering a Zatanna movie. Now, as fourth of July gets underway. some heavy cream rumors about the movie actually happening have re-sprouted. Zatanna is one of DC's most popular characters that hasn't been utilized on the big screen, and she appeals to all factions of comic fandom. So why not?

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There has been heavy speculation and conjecture that Zatanna would make her way to the screen for years now. Many believed she'd be one of the central characters in Guillermo Del Toro's proposed Justice League Dark movie, which isn't on the table at the moment. So it seems reasonable that Zatanna would make her way to theaters in a solo movie.

Today's news suggests that Warner Bros. has finally moved to the development stage of a Zatanna movie. And it is completely separate from whatever they are still planning with Justice League Dark. Even without Guillermo Del Toro attached, it sounds like J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot are moving forward with that horror-themed DC superhero movie featuring Constantine and Swamp Thing. Though it is now being proposed as a TV show. This latest rumor goes on to claim that various members of Justice League Dark may also be getting their own solo movies, but that's further down the road.

The Zatanna movie rumors have been kicking around Hollywood for over two years now. Deadline was the first to report of such a thing. At the time, they claimed that movies centered on Supergirl and Batgirl were also in the works. But none of these movies have come to fruition, with the latest DC movie revolving around Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey. There are no other DC solo movies happening right now that focus on a female hero aside from the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984.

When it was announced that Michael Keaton is wanted to return as Batman in the upcoming Flashpoint movie, it was noted that the Batgirl movie was still on the table. The Supergirl movie has been thrown into doubt as of late, so don't expect to see that happen anytime soon, especially with Henry Cavill rumored to be returning as Superman.

The same report that claims a Zatanna movie is finally moving forward suggests that DC Comics wants J.J. Abrams to helm a new Superman movie, which is kicking Supergirl to the side for the time being. Because Supergirl is on the back burner, it's stated that this has moved Zatanna up on the schedule. Some believed Zatanna would make her first big screen appearance in The Suicide Squad. But director James Gunn has already shot that idea down.

Zatanna has been a DC fixture for ages. She appeared in the flesh on the hit TV show Smallville. And she's appeared in numerous DC animated projects. If all this comes to fruition. this will be her first time appearing on the big screen. So, what do you think? Maybe Mila Kunis? Anna Kendrick? Emilia Clarke? Anyone? This rumor comes to us from Mythic. And it will remain a rumor until DC and Warner Bros. confirm otherwise.