Another piece of Justice League of America casting news has been confirmed. MovieHole has learned that Zoe Kazan (In the Valley of Elah) has joined the cast in the role of Iris Allen.

Iris Allen was the wife of the second Flash, Barry Allen, and aunt to Wally West, who later became the third man to take the title of Flash. Justice League of America is rumored to begin with the funeral of Barry Allen, giving Kazan an opportunity to flex her acting muscles early on in the film.

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Kazan joins Scott Porter (Superman), Adam Brody (The Flash - Wally West), Common (Green Lantern), Arnie Hammer (Batman), Megan Gale (Wonder Woman) and Teresa Palmer (Talia Al-Ghul) in the George Miller-directed Justice League of America. The film is set for a 2010 release date.