Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoe Saldana recently gave some in-depth comments about the Marvel Phase Two ensemble, where she revealed that the project will make you look at superheroes in a whole new way.

Here's what she had to say, when asked what fans should expect from the film, while praising director James Gunn.

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"A new way to view superheroes. I love sometimes the consistency of what the classics have left behind, but I need innovation. You can only have so much of, 'I'll save you!' After a while, it's 'Oh God, does he go to the bathroom? Is he hungry?' It's like, 'Does he cry? Does he feel?' and not only do we cover that, we're making heroes that are thieves! They're Robin Hood's and I love that because I like the underdog and the hardest route because that's the only one that's going to teach you great lessons in life.

These characters are absolutely amazing and they have a full blown redemption. To be able to sink your teeth into such meaty characters and to be part of such a story that is very unique and obviously has everything that I love. It has space, it has a kooky director that literally has cojones. It has amazing actors that you literally would never have thought to put together and somehow we're all here giving 150% and loving what we're doing.

I never like to shoot myself in the foot to seem that confident that I may come across as arrogant, but I'm rooting for it a great deal because it was amazing. What we shot and what we left on the screen there were pretty amazing things and I hope, and I have a feeling, that James is going to capture it very beautifully. I'm happy to have worked with someone like James because not every day do you meet somebody that is absolutely who they are and you cannot compare them to anybody else. There's only ever going to be one James Gunn and I like that."

Meanwhile, in a separate interview, Michael Rooker shed some new light on his villain Yondu, revealing that his character does have hope.

"There's hope in this character, but the stuff going on... I can't talk about it but... it's challenging. You have to forget that you have all these issues like three hour make-up and stuff... once you get that stuff on you have your own down time. You forget you have it on. You just play the role and you have great time doing it."

However, he wouldn't comment on any kind of superpowers Yondu might have.

"I don't think I'm at liberty to discuss any powers of any sort... You know, most of the roles I play, just by it being who I am - normally they're somewhat formidable individuals. That's just sort of my look and my build. So we utilize that in almost everything I've done, and it's the same in Guardians."