Movie PictureCalling all zombies! Lights Out is currently in production on a new 13 part series called {0}which loosely based on our first short film {1} and we need zombies! We can't pay you, we can't feed you, and we can't even promise we'll be nice to you, but if you have any interest in being a zombie in any of the episodes and you live in Southern California (Orange County - Huntington Beach) please click {2} to fill out the form or drop us a line at {3}!

The first episode will be shot this Saturday, April 28th, @10AM sharp."Wets?" What the hell is that? You'll all be experiencing "Wets" by the weekend I promise. Is that a threat? Yes it is...

Movie Picture{4} is out and it is beautiful! All Lights Out flicks have been presented in Quicktime 4 and will continue to do so with {5}. For the best quailty, please update your Quicktime plugin! It has some great new features which we will be utilizing!

If you already have Quicktime installed and just need to upgrade follow these instructions:

1. Launch your Quicktime player

2. Select "Help" in the menu

3. Click "Check for Quicktime updates"

4. Install the necessary updates

5. Return to LIGHTS OUT!

Other movie news...

Movie PictureUniversal Pictures will be bringing {6} to North America! This movie looks extemely cool. There is one's in French. So, if you hated Crouching Tiger because you had to R E A D, then you might want to stay clear of this one.

If you haven't done so yet, check out the trailer in our Hollywood Trailers section, and read more on Brotherhood's move to America at!New pictures from Lord Of The Rings! New pictures hit the web at the beginning of this week and Ain't It Cool News has provided us with a look at them. Thanks to Ain't It Cool once again. Click this to check these suckers out!

That's it for now. Don't be a chump. Stay tuned...~Brian