Syfy may have finally put an stop to the Sharknado franchise after six movies, but that's not the end of the road for director Anthony C. Ferrante and star Ian Ziering. Set to have its World premiere on Syfy on Saturday, Aug. 17, the pair's next joint venture will be the new movie Zombie Tidal Wave. Exactly as it sounds, the movie takes the Sharknado approach by combining carnivorous creatures with natural disasters, but it's admittedly attention-grabbing. While the goal is to see if this new movie can spawn a new series as successful as Sharknado, that will likely depend on the World premiere's viewership.

Zombie Tidal Wave, as we can see in the trailer from SDCC, is definitely one of those movies where the title says it all. It follows a sailor whose small seaside community is threatened by an ocean-borne outbreak. In the new official trailer which premiered at San Diego Comic-Con, scores of the undead can be seen emerging from the ocean floor, swimming their way up to the surface. The blue-blooded corpses then begin to attack people on the beach, but this turns out to be the least of the concerns for the nearby citizens. Out in the water, a gargantuan tidal wave can be seen with thousands of zombies in tow. It's even more insane than it sounds, and while I can try to describe it as best I can, it's really something which needs to be seen to be believed.

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In addition to directing, Anthony C. Ferrante wrote the screenplay with Darby Parker and Josh LeBlanc, with Ian Ziering and Thunder Levin contributed to the story. Joining Ziering in the cast are Erich Chikashi Linzbichler (The Wolverine), Shelton Jolivette (5th Ward), Cheree Cassidy (Home and Away), Tatum Chiniquy (Youth & Consequences), and Angie Teodora Dick (Lucifer). Officially, the movie will be the first picture under the production pact between Ziering's I.Man Productions and Parker's Stronghold Entertainment.

You could say it was a no-brainer for Syfy to move forward with such a unique project. While Sharknado may have seemed like a risky venture when it was developed for the network in 2013, the zany movie turned out to be an immense success. Multiple sequels were soon to follow, and it became something of an annual event for fans to watch each new installment. Because Sharknado: It's About Time officially ended the franchise last year, the Syfy network has undoubtedly been looking for their next big wave to ride. It's difficult to capture lightning in a bottle twice, but Zombie Tidal Wave certainly looks like a lot of fun in the trailer.

Zombie Tidal Wave will make its TV debut on Saturday, Aug. 17 at 9 p.m. ET. It comes as a part of Syfy's "Off the Deep End Weekend" on Aug. 17-18. The event will include all six Sharknado movies, as well as other shark horror movies like Zombie Shark, Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda, Dam Sharks, and Megalodon. If enough people are watching, we'll likely be seeing more Zombie Tidal Waves in the future. The trailer for the movie comes to us from Syfy Wire on YouTube.

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