Zombieland took moviegoers by storm back in October and it didn't take long for a sequel, Zombieland 2, to start development. MTV Movies Blog recently spoke with Zombieland screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick about what we can expect from Zombieland 2, including that it wil be in 3D.

"We want to stick with our dysfunctional family," revealed Paul Wernick, who created the post-apocalyptic zombie world (now on DVD!) with writing partner Rhett Reese. "But also introduce new characters." RELATED: Mark Hamill's Cut Zombieland Cameo Was Filled with Star Wars Jokes

"There absolutely will be a sequel, and it will absolutely be in 3D," Reese revealed. "Now, it's just a question of what that sequel will be. It's not a question of having enough ideas, but almost having too many ideas. We have a lot of ideas!"

"We entirely want to write with 3D in mind," Wernick added, shooting down the majority of filmmakers who these days claim to concentrate on the story first and the three-dimensional stuff later. "We have the vision, and want to have fun with the technology."

The writers also spoke about the possibility of giving a romantic interest to Woody Harrelson's character, Tallahassee.

"There will be continuing romantic adventures," he said. "We haven't decided on this, but it would be nice to have a love interest for Tallahassee."

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