Babylon Fields is an upcoming, 1-hour dramatic CBS TV pilot, featuring 'zombies', set to film in Long Island, New York mid-March, according to

The premise of the show has resurrected dead people, working at normal jobs. Michael Cuesta will direct from a teleplay by Michael Atkinson and Gerald Cuesta.

Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia) will star, playing 'Janine Wunch'.

Casting is still looking for:


22. One of 'Lester Viskupic''s sons, kind, and level-headed, he's scared of the zombies, not to mention his dad's sudden military nut-job act. Jimmy wears a metal crutch on his arm and sports withered, shortened legs. He ushers 'Shirley' and 'Janine' inside the house for their safety and worries when Janine runs off to confront 'Ernie Munch'.


22. He is Jimmy's dimbulb ex-jock brother; probably not the best man for the job of mixing chemicals to create bombs in the Viskupic make-shift military production line.