Zooey Deschanel, Harry Dean Stanton, Bill Paxton, Chris Klein, Bruce McGill, Deborah Rush and Mark Webber have all signed on to star in The Good Life.

Steve Berra has written the script and direct his first film about a small town in Nebraska obsessed with football. The Hollywood Reporter says Berra drew on his experiences to write the screenplay which tells the story of a mostly normal young man (Webber) who makes the best out of fitting in where he obviously doesn't.

Deschanel is a girl who encourages the young man to pursue his own path, while Stanton is a movie theater owner who employs him. Klein is a bully ex-football player living off his high school fame, while McGill is a living legend who's the football coach. Paxton plays a Judy Garland fan.

Production should begin later this year; as The Good Life is an indie, a release date is unknown.