While we have known for some time that Zoolander 2 is in the works, apparently the sequel has already entered into production. Here's what actor Ben Stiller had to say about the new comedy.

"We're filming the Zoolander 2 sequel at the moment. Derek's going to be back bigger and better than before - no catwalk is safe!"
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Ben Stiller also confirmed that Owen Wilson will reprise his role of Hansel from the original 2001 comedy Zoolander, and talked a bit more about the plot of Zoolander 2.

"It's ten years later and most of it is set in Europe. I don't want to give away too much, but it's basically Derek and Hansel ten years later."

We reported back in November that Zoolander 2 would likely shoot in 2011, although this is the first we're hearing that production has actually started. It isn't clear where the sequel is currently filming. Justin Theroux is directing from a script he co-wrote with Ben Stiller.

It isn't known what the release plans are for Zoolander 2 at this time.