/zoolander-2-cast-billy-zane-video/Earlier in the week, Zoolander 2 director and star Ben Stiller, who reprises his role as male model Derek, revealed that Billy Zane will return for the long awaited sequel. Today, he announces another new cast member. This time, it's Fred Armisen who is packing his bags for Rome. And we mean that quite literally.

Ben Stiller shared a fun video featuring Fred Armisen getting ready for his long trip overseas. We get to see him pack his extra set of signature glasses, his toothbrush, headphones and some fresh, hot American coffee just in case his co-stars are homesick. The one thing the video does not do is reveal whom Fred Armisen is playing. About the casting news, Ben Stiller states:

"Excited @sordociego (Fred Armisen!!) is joining the #zoolander2 cast!"
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Ben Stiller will not just be joined by Billy Zane (once again playing himself) and Fred Armisen. He has lined up quite a stellar list of comedic actors this time around, which include Owen Wilson returning as Hansel, his real wife life Christine Taylor playing Derek's wife and mother of Derek Jr. (Cyrus Arnold) Matilda Jeffries, and Penélope Cruz in an as yet unrevealed role. Will Ferrell is expected to return as evil fashion designer Mugatu. And Kristen Wiig will be almost unrecognizable as an aging super model sporting a rather bizarre headdress, which you can check out below the video:

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange