Ben Stiller won't cut Donald Trump out of Zoolander, even though he has been pressured by fans to do so. Long before he became president of the United States and well before The Apprentice, Trump appeared in a few movies and TV shows, including Home Alone 2 and Sex in the City, to name a few. In a new interview, Stiller, who wrote, directed, produced, and starred in Zoolander, revealed that people often come up to him and ask about removing Trump from the comedy.

Zoolander takes aim at male models in the fashion industry, so it was a no-brainer to try and get interviews at a fashion show. Ben Stiller says, "We were shooting at the now defunct VH1 Fashion Awards... and as people were coming up the red carpet, we pulled them aside and asked them to talk about Derek Zoolander, and so Trump and (wife) Melania did that." However, that was in 2001 and a lot has changed since then.

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President Donald Trump is currently comannder and chief of the United States, and like all presidents who came before him, people don't always agree with his policies or rhetoric. With that being said, Trump's views on current events have been controversial, to say the least. This has caused Ben Stiller to get asked about removing Trump from Zoolander. However, the actor/director doesn't think that he needs to do so. He explains.

"I've had people reach out to me and say, 'You should edit Donald Trump out of Zoolander', but at the end of the day, that was a time when that exists and that happened. There were so many movies (back then) that had a silly cameo from Donald Trump. He represented a certain thing."

Zoolander hit theaters nearly 20 years ago and is a cult comedy classic. Trump is reportedly happy about his cameo in the movie and showed some concerns for Zoolander 2, according to News anchor Chris Matthews, who told Ben Stiller a pretty funny story about Trump and his interest in the sequel. Apparently, Trump knew why the movie wasn't doing as well as the first installment. Stiller had this to say.

"There was a funny story that (U.S. TV host) Chris Matthews told me. He was interviewing Trump during the (2016 Presidential) campaign and there was a commercial break. Zoolander 2 had come out and... was a big bomb, didn't do well... And they'd been talking about nuclear arms or something and what his (Trump's) stance would be with the Russians, and then... Trump brought up Zoolander 2 and started talking about why he thought the movie didn't do well... And he started going into detail (saying), 'It's just that in the culture people don't care about male models any more'. And Chris found it so interesting that he was so fascinated about why Zoolander 2 didn't do well as opposed to what to do with the Russians and nuclear arms proliferation."

Donald Trump is a controversial figure, but he will remain in Zoolander to remind everybody about what it was like to live in 2001. As for Trump, he's getting ready to take on Joe Biden, Kanye West, and possibly Paris Hilton in the 2020 presidential election, which should be entertaining, which might be 2020's biggest understatement. The interview with Ben Stiller was originally conducted by The Daily Beast.