While there hasn't been much movement on Jonas Cuaron's Zorro reboot, currently titled simply Z, it was reported last month that Kiersey Clemons (Dope) has come aboard for an unspecified role. She will star alongside Gael Garcia Bernal, who has been attached to play the title character since May 2016, with last month's report claiming that production will begin in June, with Pantelion selling international rights at the European Film Market. Today a new report has surfaced which offers the first details about Kiersey Clemons' character.

With Gael García Bernal attached to star, presumably as the title character, this report claims that Clemons' character will be the female lead, a teenager of Haitian descent, who reportedly only appears in just a few less scenes than Bernal. The most interesting part of this character is that she named herself "Zee," in honor of the iconic hero Zorro she grew up idolizing. While Bernal's character is in fact the male lead, it was never confirmed if he is actually Zorro or not.

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While Bernal's character may remain a mystery for now, this report also reveals that he is an "adventurer," who will serve as a mentor to Zee, "passing on the ways of the swashbuckler to the next generation." Bernal's character and Zee, who has proven herself to have great leadership skills, will both team up to take down a corrupt corporation known as M-Corp. Sources claim that Bernal's character is named Emiliano Garza, and he is not referred to by Zorro's traditional alter-ego, Diego de la Vega. The report speculates that the mantle of Zorro may be handed down from generation to generation, with this movie potentially setting up Kiersey Clemons' "Zee" to become the next Zorro.

In 1998's The Mask of Zorro, Antonio Banderas' character Alejandro Murietta is trained by Anthony Hopkikns' Don Diego de la Vega, to become the next Zorro, so this tradition of passing down the sword and mask has been established before. Still, this report has yet to be confirmed and there is no indication when any official story details will be made. If production does in fact start this June, then it's possible this could be ready for a summer 2019 release, although that has not been confirmed either.

Aside from Emiliano Garza and this mysterious "Zee" character, there is no indication as to how many other characters still need to be cast in Z for director Jonas Cuaron. The director will be working from a script that he co-wrote with Glenn Gers, based on a story by Ozzy Inguanzo, that is based on the original character of Zorro, created by Johnston McCulley. This new report, which has yet to be confirmed, is from That Hashtag Show, although it will be interesting to see if there will be any sort of confirmation of these details, either through new casting reports or any official plot details released by the studio. While Z certainly seems well on its way to hitting the big screen, there is still much more to be done before this swashbuckler returns.