It's been almost one month since director Neil Blomkamp launched his new Oats Studios venture, with the first short film Rakka, starring Sigourney Weaver. Since then, the filmmaker has launched four unique infomercials and three more shorts, including the latest which just debuted, Zygote, starring Dakota Fanning and Jose Pablo Cantillo, who starred in both Elysium and Chappie for the director. In case you missed the other shorts and infomercials, we have the entire Oats Studios collection below as well, with the four short films and four infomercials released thus far.

The new Zygote short film from Oats Studios follows Barklay (Dakota Fanning) and Quinn (Jose Pablo Cantillo), two lone survivors stranded in an Arctic mine, who are forced to fight for their lives, evading and hiding from a new kind of terror. While this short film, and the others, are all free to watch, fans can choose to support these films even further by purchasing a Downloadable Content (DLC) pack for $4.99. There are also DLC's available for the shorts Rakka and Firebase, which can be purchased in a bundle with all three for $11.97. There is no DLC available for the third short, God: Serengeti.

The Zygote DLC includes 3D models of Zygote and Synthetic Skulls for Print, along with a Concept Art booklet that includes Concept Art, VFX look-development, Oats Workshop BTS Selects and Filming BTS selects. The DLC also includes high-resolution MP4 files for the short film, one with stereo sound and the other with surround sound, the Zygote script, along with a number of the actual files they used for their final rendering. There has also been an update to the existing Rakka DLC that includes more files in the Rakka 3D models folder.

Neill Blomkamp first introduced Oats Studios at the end of May, with a brief teaser for his short film Rakka, revealing that the plan was to roll out these short films for free, while adopting a pay model for assets that would help fund development of feature-length adaptations of these short films. The studio has formed a partnership with Steam, where all of the assets can be purchased from, although there have been no plans announced yet for any full-length features. The director added that he formed this studio to make films with "no constraints," adding that an "inexplicable name" seemed fitting. This studio was announced shortly after it was revealed that his latest feature, Alien 5, was no longer happening.

As for the other short films, Firebase, which was released at the end of June, is set in the Vietnam War, following three soldiers (Steve Boyle, Robert Hobbs, Tyler Johnston and Nic Rhind) who find themselves going up against a terrifying and unexpected enemy. The third short film, God: Serengeti, is the shortest of all four, coming in at just under four minutes, which tells "the story of our creator." The four infomercials are all dubbed Cooking With Bill, which introduces a number of strange cooking products. Take a look at the new short Zygote, along with everything else that Oats Studios has released up until this point.